BOOK HERE. Celebrate on the terrace at Yök Casa & Cultura in the city centre. From this wonderful place you can enjoy wonderful company, great food and amazing views over the Catalan capital. Our cooking philosophy is simple. Source the best ingredients from the earth, the sea and the fields and find ways for their flavours, textures and colours to complement each other on the plate. We try to give heart and taste to every dish so you will remember these as simple, farmhouse dishes with a modern twist. The menus here are samples of what we have cooked before, because when we go to the market or to talk to the best suppliers, We don’t know what they will have on the day. So be prepared to be surprised. We will never challenge you by cooking with ingredients I don’t think you will like, are unsustainable or lack proper welfare in their production. You can check out our London pop up PipsDish.

The price for these events includes drinks and food all evening and lots of festive spirit from the terrace. We currently don’t have any dates open. But we’ll keep you posted.


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