Rabbit should be handled with kid gloves; it’s boney and gets dry when over-cooked. So I vote with the Italian method of stewing it gently in milk. Traditionally this is done with rosemary but I’m with E David on that subject.

Chop some garlic and sage leaves and fry them in a little oil with some finely chopped pancetta or bacon. When it’s all nicely crispy, add a diced onion and soften. Empty this lot out of the pan, dust the jointed bits of bunny in flour, season and brown in the remaining oil. Put the herb and onion mixture back and cover it all with milk adding some juniper berries.

Allow to simmer for around an hour before taking out the rabbit pieces and easily removing the meat from the bones. While reducing the juices, add some peas and finally return the meat to the mixture, adding some chopped flat leaf parsley. Serve on toast.