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Helping You to Write a Heartfelt Marriage Ceremony

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Your wedding ceremony should be unforgettable. For many reasons it's important that you take charge of the moment that celebrates the love and commitment you share. While traditional marriage ceremonies often follow established rituals and scripts, in a person-centred wedding led by a Celebrate People celebrant you can take control and craft your own unique and deeply personal occasion. The work you do with me, will help you to write your own personalised words including your love story and vows. This will also help to inspire you to choose music and readings as well as identifying the people you will ask to participate in the ceremony.

The marriage ceremonies I lead with couples place a strong emphasis on your values, beliefs, and the celebration of your unique love story. Person-centred weddings led by a humanist celebrant do not rely on a predetermined set of traditions or dogma. Instead, they provide a creative canvas for you to express your deepest emotions and the intentions you have for each other and your lives ahead.

Writing your own wedding vows allows couples to infuse their marriage ceremony with authenticity and meaning. By taking the time to reflect on your relationship and articulate your thoughts and feelings, couples create a ceremony that is truly a reflection of your shared journey. You will find that this process will foster a deeper connection between you as you communicate your hopes, dreams, and commitments to one another in your own words.

As a celebrant, it is my privilege to guide couples through the process of crafting their own ceremony, ensuring that it will be becomes an unforgettable mark of the strength of your bond. And it creates an intimate and memorable experience for everyone present. Working like this will enhance the emotional resonance of the ceremony for you and those you have gathered around you. When couples speak from the heart, your words carry genuine emotions that resonate with not only each other but with everyone you have invited to be part of your marriage ceremony.

Taking responsibility for writing your own marriage ceremonies also allows couples to incorporate their unique personalities and shared experiences. This creates a warm and inclusive atmosphere that truly reflects who you are both as individuals and as a couple. This level of personalisation not only creates a remarkable experience for you and your guests.

In my view a marriage ceremony should be an act of empowerment for couples, unlike traditional religious or legal weddings, a person-centred wedding led by me will allow you to shape the content to your values and beliefs rather than conforming to societal or religious expectations. My job is to help you bring your vision to life. One of my favourite parts of being a celebrant is to guide and support couples in this process, helping you to articulate your intentions and aspirations for your shared future.

While taking responsibility for your marriage ceremony may seem daunting at first, it is a process that will ultimately strengthen the foundation of your relationship. It encourages you to engage in open and honest communication, promoting a deeper understanding and appreciation of one another. I will be there by your side throughout the process and all I can tell you is that the feedback from these ceremonies is universally fantastic. It draws in the commitment of your family and loved ones in attendance and ensures the wedding ceremony will be unforgettable.

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