It is not against the law to have dogs in restaurants. Despite what many stupid people tell me when I walk into restaurants and cafés with my small, long-haired, four-legged friend.

Lots of places do choose not to allow dogs but in my experience they are less relaxing places to be anyway. A well-trained dog lying quietly under the table or sitting on its owner’s lap brings a happy energy to the environment and hardly represents a biohazard. Many young children are far less hygienic than our canine guests. They launch their food all over the tables and floor, and unlike dogs, can’t clear it up.

I was brought up on a farm estate where dogs were dispatched once their useful lives were done. So I am not overly sentimental about animals. Only the lucky few made it to the warmth of the kitchen hearth. These were always the smart ones who had worked out how to excel in their daily toil but somehow exercise a controlling charm on their humans.

As a reasonably successful cook with a modicum of common sense I do realize that it is unwise to have my dog in the kitchen of my restaurant. For despite her native intelligence and general doggy charm, my Jack Russell is not able to wash her paws in sanitizing soap and is far too interested in eating to be getting on with cooking.

But we welcome dogs, indeed we love them slightly more than some humans. You are always welcome to bring your pooch to PipsDish, as long as you have bothered to train it to behave well in public. For obvious reasons, I don’t want out of control, spoiled sociopathic mutts, howling out my other customers. But if you have taken the time and effort to ensure that your dog is able to be in public places without being a pest, then you are my perfect customer.

This Sunday we are hosting a doggy lunch, where you can come along with lots of other people who have dogs and enjoy the food. We’re delighted to be welcoming the lovely folks from StyleTails will be setting up a little boutique, so once you and your hound (yes they get a little plate too) have had lunch,  there will be a little shopping at hand.

To book a place, ring us on 0207 240 7232

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