Personally I am a big fan of eating everything I like, in moderation. Countered of course by reasonable amounts of exercise to purge the excess, which naturally occurs as a result of high-mindedness. Butter is one of the things I am glad to discover is better for us than we thought. And I am completely addicted to the sound and smell of it bubbling as it melts whispers rich rewards.

Since saturated fats have been welcomed back in from the cold where they have been congealing in exile, I feel vindicated in this passion. And one of the biggest hits among the young offenders participating in my prison pop-up has been the quickest apple crumble in the world. One of them reported to me that he has his father trying it out at home.

It’s this simple. You slice the apples unpeeled round the core and put them in the sizzling butter, let them caramelize with a shake of brown sugar until they smell irresistible. Smash up some digestive biscuits and sprinkle over the top. Serve with cream.

Now go for a run.