From the foreword by Simon Callow

“I met Philip about five years ago, and before long he started murmuring his dangerous but liberating philosophy into my ear: `the kitchen is a playground,’ he would say. `There are no rules.’ `Follow your instincts.’ `If it works, it’s okay.’ `Just make it up.’

This was rather radical stuff, the equivalent of a culinary bra burning. I was greatly encouraged when he invited me to eat at his table – fantastic, unprecedented things would materialise without having seemed to have been cooked at all. Of course, like any artist who seems supremely relaxed – Fred Astaire, Picasso, both of whom he resembles, in different ways – the effortless result is the outcome of years of thought and experiment and practice.

Cooking without Recipes doesn’t tell you that you don’t have to work at it – it just liberates you from the tyranny of someone else’s culinary imagination. Do your own thing, it says, listen to the food, pay regard to your stomach and your palate, let cooking become second nature.

It is the book my grandmother would have written if she had known how to frame a sentence, which Philip Dundas certainly does. Read, inwardly digest, then throw the book away. This is the first day of the rest of your life in the kitchen.”

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