The first question everyone asks is: ‘What sort of restaurant are you’? We’re never quite sure if people want to know what sort of food we cook or what the restaurant is like. After all, how would you know what to expect?

Our dishes change every day, depending on the season and our ingredients. We think this is real home cooking in its most traditional sense.

Award-winning food journalist Lucas Hollweg says this about us: “We need more places like PipsDish. The food is honest and delicious, based on robust flavours and simple good cooking. The space is done with an unpretentious charm that speaks to your urban romantic as well as your inner French peasant.”


Our meat comes direct from a farm in Sussex where we have seen the beasts and poultry in the fields and we know they are cared for.

Our fish mostly comes from Cornish fisherman working as a co-operative, who care about sustainable stocks.

All our fruit and vegetables are as local, seasonal and fresh as possible. But lemons don’t grow well in England.

We don’t cook serious offal and always make something special for vegetarians and vegans.

Real Home Cooking

Our influences range from Greece to Morocco, from Scotland to Burma. We will give anything a go if we have the ingredients to create a dish which we believe will work.

For us, cooking is all about taking each ingredient and allowing them to transform and emerge in a dish, creating natural layers of flavour, texture and colour.

No menu

This no-menu approach is fun for us. We want to be continually challenged creatively, to respond to what we have to cook with.

It’s a leap of faith presented by relying on our own culinary skills and sharing the results with you. This is the approach to cooking Philip writes about in his book Cooking without Recipes. This style of cooking suits our temperament and so far keeps the people we feed returning for more.

We want the ingredients to speak out for themselves and to be the stars of the show.