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Writer and Cook

Philip Dundas

Cooking Behind Bars

For a nation that thinks so highly of itself, our relationship with food is lamentable. While enthusiasts are enveloped in clouds of Hackney gin mist, supping fermented grouse foam and foraging for our bowl of morning grains, most of the nation is suffering from a deeply dysfunctional experience of eating and cooking. I’ve been working with the prison service in Northern Ireland recently, looking at how ... more

Philip's Diary
Coming in from the Wild

We should beware of creating demand that results in unscrupulous lines of supply; herds of foodies spilling into finely balanced habitats, greedily gorging on rediscovered delicacies, or getting others to kill wild game to satisfy their curious palates.

Cooking Without Recipes
'Read, inwardly digest, then throw the book away. This is the first day of the rest of your life in the kitchen'. Simon Callow more
The Greedy and Lazy Diet

Greed and laziness, that’s what the magazines should be teaching us to avoid rather than making up a complete load of rubbish about detoxing that my liver does perfectly well for itself.

Passion for Ingredients

Many chefs, albeit prodigiously talented, if they actually write their own books, simply recount what they cook and instruct us to do the same. Other books are written by cooks who bring the ingredients to ...

A Very Edinburgh Story

When I was a boy, that is roughly thirty years ago, expelled from school and cast from my parents’ favour, I got a job as a pot washer in Bell’s Diner, a real burger ...