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Philip Dundas

48 Hours in Rome

Rome has a quiet edge. Almost despite the remarkable vistas and miraculous artefacts, this is a city busy about its ordinariness. In the shadow of overwhelming monuments and remains of ancient civilization you can find simplicity in its food and cooking. Here there is no real requirement to seek out culinary genius. With the best ingredients available, for the hungry traveller it’s a city with lots of great places ... more


Rouille is a provencal sauce comprising olive oil with breadcrumbs, garlic, saffron and chile peppers. A common accompaniment to fish soup and often served with a crouton and grated gruyere. It is something of a rare treat and I love it.

Cooking Without Recipes
'Read, inwardly digest, then throw the book away. This is the first day of the rest of your life in the kitchen'. Simon Callow more

Here's a reminder of PipsDish at The Garage, London's first 'permanent' pop up back in 2011. This became a recognised launchpad for new ideas about cooking, chefs and restaurants.

Cooking Behind Bars

A short film by Timothy West & Pete Laverty about the creation of the Cabin Cafe, a rehabilitation project I created with you men in custody at Hydebank Wood Secure College in 2015

Boyhood Christmas

Christmas at Standingstone - the farm I grew up on in Scotland - was largely a dreary affair. Any fun had to be either sought from within myself or beyond its demises.