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Writer and Cook

Philip Dundas

Rehabilitating Prison Life

As a little boy, I was constantly in trouble. Nothing serious by most standards - the petty misdemeanours of a wayward lad growing up on a farm - but pretty much everything I did offended the moral piety of my adopted parents. So I tended to lie a lot. I figured that as I was always being punished, I might as well try to get away with ... more

Cooking Behind Bars

For a nation that thinks so highly of itself, our relationship with food is lamentable. While we enthusiasts are enveloped in clouds of gin mist, supping fermented grouse foam and foraging for our bowl of ...

Cooking Without Recipes
'Read, inwardly digest, then throw the book away. This is the first day of the rest of your life in the kitchen'. Simon Callow more
The Garage

Before it gets revamped by the wonderfully inventive Meat Liquor, here's a reminder of the heady pop-up days at the Citroen Garage in Upper St

Sea Trout, Asparagus & Cornish Spuds

The simple joy of two seasonal delights. Sea trout and Jersey Royals. Neither require much in the way of preparation, are easily and quickly cooked, and taste like the month of May on a plate. A marriage heralding summer days.

Butter Me Up

And one of the biggest hits among the young offenders participating in my prison pop-up has been the quickest apple crumble in the world.